Types Of Meat In The Grocery Store

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When you walk into a grocery store, you’re offered different types of meat to choose from. There are three types of meat in the grocery store. You’ll find them next to each other, but they’re quite different. Let’s explore your available options in greater detail.

The First Type Of Meat – Beef

Types Of Meat In The Grocery Store
Types Of Meat In The Grocery Store

The first type is labeled “beef.” You’ll also find it in its own aisle, along with everything else you might need for a kitchen. The most important fact about this type of meat is that it will kill bacteria and spoil. When you cook meat, it’s going to have bacteria and salts built into it that will destroy it and make you sick. Your grocery store is your only safe haven from this food.

The Second Type Of Meat – Seafood: Types Of Meat

Sliced Salmon Pieces
Types Of Meat In The Grocery Store

The second type of meat is called seafood. This includes items like salmon, tuna, crab, shrimp, etc. So basically anything that is derived from sea or water bodies. These types of meat are considered the healthiest and are even more popular in Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. Next time you go into your local grocery store, do check out the fresh seafood section and prepare some for dinner.

The Third Type Of Meat – Poultry: Types Of Meat

Types Of Meat In The Grocery Store
Types Of Meat In The Grocery Store

The third type of meat you’re going to find in the grocery store is called poultry. It’s easy to think that a chicken, duck, or goose is the same as another kind of bird, but you’ll find some differences between them. A chicken is considered “lean” whereas a turkey is considered “fatty.” This allows you to buy extra lean chicken or turkey if you want to eat it without any oil.

Just as important is what chicken and turkey are considering to be. You’ll find them in the same section, but you’re looking for a chicken on the left side of the meat case, and a turkey on the right. A healthy turkey would be on the right of the case, and a health-only turkey (no salt or spices) would be on the left.

Meat Cuts Types

Then there are all the different cuts of beef. They’re all a part of one large category: ground. The same goes for pork, but with a different type of lean cuts of meat in the mix.

Let’s look at just one small example: if you really want to get fancy, you could have a beef tenderloin on the left, and a ham hock on the right. It’s really up to you what side you put your meat on. And by the way, don’t forget the spices.

From ground beef, two tri-tip steaks, and sirloin steak, and filet mignon, you’ll find a variety of meat, cuts you can put together in various combinations. A steak is a prime example of this as well and will be featured in a meat case.

You’ll find a number of meats in different colors and cuts. And of course, this category includes meat that is done rare, medium, well, and well done. But also, the high-end barbeque meats such as jumbo, short ribs, brisket, or bone-in ribeyes.

Whatever you choose, you’ll find it cheap and tasty. Beef, pork, and poultry all go together in the supermarket, so there’s no need to shop in different sections.

Even though the retail meat section can be confusing, don’t let it turn you off from the great food you can find in the supermarket. From beef to pork to poultry, you’ll find a wide variety of foods in the store.