Top BBQ Tips For Chicken That You Must Know!

BBQ Tips For Chicken

Chicken is one of the favorite meats to grill when it comes to the barbeque season. When grilled perfectly, chicken can be quite juicy and full of flavors. When done wrong…you know what the results are. You will not like some small mistakes destroy your chicken dinner and well only the winners get that. To be a winner at making the ultimate BBQ chicken recipe you need some BBQ tips for chicken. This is a list of some BBQ tips for chicken that will result in the perfectly barbecued chicken each and every time without an ounce of doubt.

Don’t Cook Cold Chicken

Ultimate BBQ Tips For Chicken
Ultimate BBQ Tips For Chicken

While it is essential to keep the chicken in the refrigerator for great marination, you do not put it straight on the grill after pulling it out from the fridge. You have to allow it the fall to the room temperature so that the cooking is even and your chicken tastes perfect.

Closed Until Cooked

 Great BBQ Tips For Chicken
Great BBQ Tips For Chicken

You may be tempted to open the lid and check if your chicken is cooked but you should avoid that at all costs as the heat will escape. The barbecue can only retain the heat if the lid remains closed at all times. This will help the chicken to cook evenly and fully.

Marinate Ahead Of Time

The chicken absorbs all the flavors that you pour on it like a sponge. It is advisable to marinate or season early so that the chicken soaks up all the flavors. Also, season the raw chicken with salt and allow it to absorb it. You can try different marinades and brines so that your chicken tastes different every time. You can leave the marinated chicken for 30 minutes to overnight to make it flavorsome.

Pour The Sauce At The End

Some sauces have high sugar content and are quite sticky. So these sauces can burn if you put them on the grill for a long time. You should put these sauces on the chicken about 10 minutes before the chicken is fully cooked to ensure the best results. Once the chicken has been grilled, you can add as much sauce as you want on it.

Use A Thermometer

It is difficult to guess whether the chicken has fully cooked by seeing it. You need to use a thermometer so that you do not play the guessing game and take the chicken off the grill too early or worse burn it. The chicken has to be 160 degrees F on the grill and the temperature will increase to about 165 F off the grill.

Let It Sit

If you cut up the chicken as soon as it is off the grill you will lose all the juiciness and the flavors packed into it. To avoid this, allow the chicken to chill alone for 10-15 minutes to let the juice get evenly distributed and then cut it up. It will come out perfectly with so much juiciness and taste that you will want more of it.


These are some of the best BBQ tips for chicken that you can use while you make the chicken. All of these tips will help you cook the chicken perfectly without making any mistakes. Do try these at home and you will see the difference that these will make to your BBQ chicken!

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