Three Ultimate Korean BBQ Sauces For Dipping!

Korean BBQ Sauces

Are you a fan of Korean BBQ? And have you been thinking about the fantastic Korean BBQ dipping sauces that come with your favorite dishes? There some excellent dipping sauces that Koreans serve with their best Asian meals to make them taste more flavorful and delicious. If you are wondering what these fantastic sauces are? Here are three dipping sauces that you will adore. These dipping sauces will be served at the Korean restaurants individually and you can ask for more for free. You can make these easily at home with some simple ingredients that you can easily find in the market.

Korean Chili And Soyabean Paste Sauce

Amazing Korean BBQ Sauces
Amazing Korean BBQ Sauces

In the Korean language, SSamjang means a dipping sauce so this one is what the name suggests. You can dip vegetables and meat in this sauce. These sauces can be spicy and non-spicy depending upon your tastes and preferences. The ingredients of this sauce include Korean chili paste, soybean paste minced garlic, chopped onions, minced onion, and sesame oil. You can add some maple syrup for the sweet flavor and some pistachios for texture and reduce the spiciness. If you cannot find the soybean paste you can replace it with some Japanese miso for the same taste and texture. Your final sauce might be a bit different depending upon the amount of chili paste and soybean past you add to it.

Sesame Oil, Pepper, And Salt Sauce

Tasty Korean BBQ Sauces
Tasty Korean BBQ Sauces

This sauce compliments grilled mushrooms and non-marinated beef and pork well. Some people might think that the sauce adds some oiliness to the already greasy pork and beef but that is not the case at all. The sauce is very mild and subtle which allows you to taste the main ingredients more strongly. It is very savory and adds a dash of spiciness to your meat and veggies which is great. This is very easy to make the sauce and all the ingredients are available in the stores near you or you can even find most of these at home. Remember, pour all these ingredients separately for each bowl as it might not taste the best if you make a large amount of the sauce together.

Wasabi And Soy Sauce

This sauce goes great with char-grilled marinated beef or pork. This sauce also pairs well with vegetables and meat alike adds plenty of flavors to both. The best thing about this sauce is that it does not require too many ingredients. You can buy the soy sauce from the market and combine it with white sugar, water, white vinegar, onions, and wasabi paste for the perfect flavor. This is one of the easiest Korean BBQ sauces to make at home.


These are the three Korean BBQ sauces that will make any dish taste amazing due to their flavors and textures. The sauces are easy to make and all the ingredients are available in any normal shop that you will go to. Therefore, do make these sauces at home to serve to your guests with BBQ dishes. Everyone will fall in love with these mouthwatering sauces.

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