Mongolian-Beef Recipe

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If you love Chinese food and want to try to make something delicious, Mongolian-beef is a perfect fit. You can make it quickly for a quick and simple dinner. Making the Mongolian beef is not very difficult. There are only a few steps to make a fantastic and straightforward dish. Ingredients are readily available, and you can start making be Mongolian beef. It’s a dish perfect for all occasions, family dinners, or date nights. The Mongolian beef is something you can easily make at home by following the simple recipe. After your Mongolian beef recipe is ready, it will taste like authentic Chinese food.

The First Step Of Making Mongolian- Beef

Mongolian Beef Recipe
Mongolian Beef Recipe

The first step towards making the Mongolian beef recipe is to take the beef and cut it into slices. The slices should be thick. There are two types of steaks available- flank and strip. Choose the one you want and go ahead. For the next step of making the Mongolian beef is to take the cornstarch and apply it over the steak. The job is a messy one but do it anyway. After you use the cornstarch on the steak, keep it aside. Then only a few steps of making the Mongolian beef are left. Take a skillet and keep it on the stove on a medium to high flame or temperature. Put the steak in the oil and let it fry. The skillet should be a deep one. Making the Mongolian beef is easy and quick.

The Next Step To Make The Mongolian Beef

Get the sauce ready and mix it with the meat. You are adding the chicken to the sauce stir together. Don’t stop stirring the Mongolian beef. The taste will alter if you don’t mix it for the next few minutes. You can either eat with rice or by itself. The steps of making it and serving it are simple.

Here’s The Full Recipe Of Mongolian-Beef

Mongolian-Beef Recipe
Mongolian-Beef Recipe

 You will need the following ingredients for making the Mongolian beef are- one and a half flank steak, two teaspoons of vegetable oil. Next, Half a teaspoon of ginger oil and one teaspoon of fine garlic. The next few ingredients, half a cup of soy sauce and the same amount of water. You will need a two-thirds cup of brown sugar. Then, you will need a cup of vegetable oil. Half a cup of corn starch and two-thirds of.chillies is the next ingredient. All the parts for making the Mongolian beef are readily available. You won’t need to worry about not finding them.

The Last Step Of Making Mongolian-Beef

For the sauce, take the oil, garlic, chilies, soy sauce, ginger, and brown sugar and add to a skillet. Stir together for the sauce to thicken. Stir continuously for the seasoning of the Mongolian beef. Set aside the sauce and get ready for the next step of making the Mongolian beef. Take the meat and put it in oil. Let it fry and remove it and place it on paper. The next step, mix the sauce, chicken, and add a few spring onions. The Mongolian beef is ready.

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