Meatball Tongs: Easy And Delicious Meatball Recipe - meatball tongs

Meatball Tongs: Easy And Delicious Meatball Recipe

Meat. When we hear the word, we often think “carnivores”, “gym buffs” who are trying to bulk up, or people who have a distaste for vegetables. Well, meat is something that should never be outside of your diet, and mine. Contrary to what some dieting tips say out there, this food item, along with meatball tongs, have so much to offer us (in terms of health), more than we think.

Meatball Tongs: Easy And Delicious Meatball Recipe

Meatball Tongs: Meat 101

What exactly is it? You already know this. But just for the purpose of starting off with a scientific definition, meat is taken from the flesh of animals (or is animal flesh in itself, to be specific), which is consumed as food. We know, we know. The details of the definition are a bit too gory. It suddenly sounds a little strange when put into words, doesn’t it? Don’t worry. You’re not a bad person if you enjoy eating meat. And if you don’t, being that you may be vegan, a vegetarian, etc. Nothing wrong with that as well.

Meat is usually served cooked. Boiled, grilled, fried with oil, sautéed. Fire makes its flavor really come out. On the other hand, it can also be served raw. So long as kept in specific temperatures, some types can be eaten without being cooked.

The prehistoric era (or maybe even before) saw men use his innate skills in hunting and gathering, to be able to catch what he needs to eat. In or der to survive. Hunting animals for game and for survival, that was what mankind strived to do, and still does (the latter, for most people), today.

Meatball Tongs: Easy And Delicious Meatball Recipe

It’s a little known fact that meat provides us with important nutrients for our bodies to function well. One fact we’re sure you know well is that it’s an excellent source of protein. Protein is what you need to build and strengthen muscle mass.

Additionally, it’s high in iron. Your body needs this mineral in order for your body’s blood flow to run smoothly. Plus, it decreases your risk of incurring Anemia, which is a deficiency in red blood cells.

Delicious Meatball Recipe

Using a meat grinder which you can find at LCPShop (affordable yet of the highest quality), grind meat evenly. These ground meat will make it more convenient for you to shape and mold them into whichever form you prefer. However, for the purpose of the dish we’re highlighting for you, that shape should be round. And what other tools to allow this than meatball tongs.

But wait! There’s more! Yup, we just used that overly run-down line. Dice some carrots, potatoes, and spinach. They should be diced into 2-3mm sizes. Mix these into the ground meat.

The Chinese-style sweet and sour sauce is what you’d want as a soup base. Thicker than regular soup though. Ketchup, white vinegar, soy sauce, melted sugar, and pepper are to be stirred together to create that paste-like liquid. Also, you can add chili if you want that extra kick.  

While you wait for the oil you’ve heated in a deep-fry pan, use the tongs to create these balls of savory meat plus veggies. Once done, fry them until the outer layer is slightly crispy. Finally, in that sauce, add water according to taste and preference of soup thickness. Bring it to a boil and add the fried meatballs in. Upon presentation, you can put pineapple chunks on top for a zesty sweet and sour meatball dish!

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