Meat Hammer Tenderizer And Injector For Your Innovation

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There is an increasing population of food lovers. People need innovation in food also. So they tend to cook food recipes from various sources like the internet and books. In that food, meat has a special place for itself. Who doesn’t like meat? Right! The old way of cutting and making it soft can be quickly done by meat hammer tenderize. Imagine if something can make our food more delicious, how can we refuse to use it. People love meat when they can be easily chewable and taste delicious. Our work to cook the food will be reduced if it has already been tenderized well. Check out this meat hammer tenderizer now.

Meat Hammer Tenderizer

The meat hammer tenderizer comes with a tenderizer and an injector. So it has a double benefit during usage. We do have to tenderize the meat, that’s where the hammer helps. It could make the meat softer and easily chewable. The first benefit is that the meat doesn’t lose its juiciness and texture. So this product makes the user’s work easier. The tenderizer comes with small needles on it. The only work to do is press the hammer against the meat. The needles will smoothly get inside the meat. After working with the hammer, we can use the same device for marinating the meat. The injector does the job on the hammer handle. 

The marinade we use should be poured inside the handle, and it should be gently pushed by the closure given. It can easily inject the marinade into the meat, and our work will finish off quickly. The injector also has a level meter, which is used to adjust the amount of marinade used inside the meat. The customized injector can make the meat marinate faster and easier. The build quality is nice. The hammer doesn’t break or corrode. The marinade capacity is 3 ounces. It can hold both the sauce and marinade mix. The plunge of the handle is so good to grip. You can quickly push it to inject the marinade.


  • It has both tenderizer and injector in the same device, which helps a lot of people to finish their work quickly.
  • It has a compact body that is portable and stored safely.
  • The hammer is of stainless steel, so there is no chance of corrosion.
  • The body is of food-grade plastic, which makes it weightless to use. Also, it gives an excellent grip around it.
  • The marinade mixture measuring level has a capacity of 90ml.
  • The marinade injector is easy to wash, and it has adjustable needles that can allow the required amount of marinade mixture.


To conclude, if you love innovating food at your home, you shouldn’t miss this meat hammer tenderize. You can’t find a better device than this one to tenderize and marinate the meat at the same time. Even though you have a lot to tenderize, you won’t get tired of using this device. The smooth and easy work of this device can provide you a lump of delightful meat that you can’t ever resist.