Learn How To Make Steak Marinade Easily

Learn How To Make Steak Marinade Easily

Marinating a steak refers to the activity of adding flavour in the meat by covering it up with different spices and herbs. A steak marinade proves to be one of the best ways to add flavour. The flavour of a steak marinade comes out entirely when we grill or smoke the steak. When we marinate a steak, it adds to the rich aroma and flavour of the beef. 

Here are some steps to learn to make a steak marinade easily at home:

Quick Ingredients for a Flavorful Steak Marinade

First, it needs special attention that the steak has the right amount of fats, acid, sugar, herbs and spices. The best nine ingredients to make a steak marinade include:

Red wine vinegar


 Worchester sauce

 Black Pepper 


 Olive Oil

 Red Chillie Flakes

 Minced Garlic

 Fresh Thyme

blue and white casserole near olive oil bottle on table
Learn How To Make Steak Marinade Easily

Making a Marinate Steak

Marinating a steak is an excellent way to add different flavours to the meat. Marinating enriches the insides of the meat with flavours. To make a good marinate steak, first assemble all the ingredients so that they could be in hand. In addition to that, we also need a zip lock bag to hold all the ingredients. Other than a zip lock bag, any airtight container made up of plastic or glass can be used too. It is essential to pay attention to the fact that the container should be non-reactive. 

 To marinate put all the ingredients mentioned above in the chosen container along with the meat. Massage the meat with the ingredients until they thoroughly coat with the juices. After covering the steak, keep the marinated meat into the refrigerator. It is essential to marinate the steak for up to eight hours. 

 It is crucial to make some cuts upon the steak. This is done so that that marinade can reach the insides of the meat. 

A quick tip: the given recipe only covers one pound of meat. 

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Learn How To Make Steak Marinade Easily

Different Steak Marinade recipes

Different types of ingredients come in use to make another type of marinades. A person can opt to select their preferred type of elements. Some people who love any particular kind of flavour want to marinate their steaks with those ingredients. For example, oranges as an ingredient for marinating steak seem strange, but people who love the orange taste, like to marinate their steak with it. 

Along with these, there are different type of ingredients which seem to add good flavour to the steaks and 

Some ingredients that we can use for making marinades include:

 sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, soy sauce, etc. 

Some other Types of Steak and Steak Marinade

Marinated and Grill Flank Steak- 

in this steak, we add rosemary balsamic vinegar as a marinade. This steak marinade gives the meat a sweet and savoury flavour. Flank Steak is usually highly acidic. This steak is later on grilled which adds a smoky flavour to the meat making it more delicious. 

Other types of steak marinades include- 

Grilled marinate London broil.

Marinated London broil with cilantro gremolata

 Steaks are hard to ignore food option, and meat with the added flavour of herbs is non-ignorable all together. Therefore get into these delicious recipes and make your flavour ducts have a treat. 

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