Know AIP Best Italian Burgers Recipe

The word burger has come from the name of a hamburger, but it does not have vegetables ham or pork inserted inside the sandwich. Generally, Italian burgers are made up of grounded beef with various ingredients or even with vegetables and cheese. 

The AIP is the short form of autoimmune protocol diet, a food bases approach to eliminate inflammation in a person’s body. This diet includes meats and vegetables; the meat for Italian burgers is from grass-fed animals and is tasty and easy to make.

Know AIP Best Italian Burgers Recipe
Know AIP Best Italian Burgers Recipe

AIP Italian Burger

It does no matter on what type of diet you are taking, but to eat an Italian AIP burger, you can switch out the seasonings or and add some ingredients and vegetables to change the flavors. There are a lot of options and different types of burgers and various condiments for AIP burgers.

For example, if you want a Veggie Burger, you can finely chopped spinach, green onions, and asparagus to make the preparation. For Onion Burger, you can use onion powder and finely chopped green onions. Moreover, for Thai Burger, you can use a dash of coconut amino with chopped fresh basil leaves, and for Garlic burger, you can use garlic powder with finely chopped onions.

You can prepare all these burgers and test them to find one of your favorite. 

AIP Italian Burgers Recipe

Some Kitchener, for making AIP Italian burgers uses onion and garlic powder with Italian seasonings to make a super-fast mixture. After forming burger patties, they used to pan-fry them in coconut oil or even grill them. 

To make a complete AIP meal, you can serve the AIP burgers with a bacon veggie sauté and salads. Moreover, you can make a quick side dish by grilling some mushrooms and asparagus and season it with sea salt while eating.

Here are the ingredients and the description to know the preparation of AIP Italian Burgers.

AIP Italian Burgers

Prep time: 5 min.

Cook time: 10 min.

Yield: 2

Know AIP Best Italian Burgers Recipe
Know AIP Best Italian Burgers Recipe


  • 1 pound of grass-fed beef (grounded, about 450 grams)
  • Two tablespoons of Garlic powder
  • Two tablespoons of Italian seasonings
  • One tablespoon of onion powder
  • Salt
  • Fresh basil leaves (chopped)
  • 1/4th cup of butter (soften)

How To Make The Preparation

Take a medium bowl and mix all the ingredients correctly and form the burger patties. Preheat the oven at 165-degree arsenite and place a fry-pan on the stove. Place the burger patties into the fry-pan when the coconut oil is heated. Bake for a minimum of six minutes and flip over the patties after one side turns slightly brown. Fry the patties for another four minutes or until it turns golden brown.

Now, you can serve the AIP Italian Burger warm with the chopped basil leaves.


Know AIP Best Italian Burgers Recipe
Know AIP Best Italian Burgers Recipe

There are different types of dishes you can make with the AIP meats and vegetables. Moreover, the AIP diets are helpful for your immune systems of the body, and having this meal, or dinner will reduce the chances of a leaky gut. These diets contain vitamins and nutrient-rich food and can also emphasize food with omega-3 fatty acids.