How To Make Sweet And Sour Pork Meat -

How To Make Sweet And Sour Pork Meat

How To Cook Sweet And Sour Pork Meat

Pork meat is very popular in the USA. Sweet and sour pork is a famous dish over there. It can be prepared in many ways. But the pineapple version is most popular.

In China too, it is a well-known dish both in the northern and southern parts. I am going to share the recipe for it.

How To Cook Sweet And Sour Pork Meat
How To Cook Sweet And Sour Pork Meat

List Of Ingredients :

  • Pork (with some fat)
  • Pineapple
  • winter bamboo shoots
  • tomato sauce
  • vinegar
  • pungent sauce (Worcestershire sauce)
  • green pepper
  • sugar
  • egg

Method :

First, beat the pork with a knife back and then cut into small cubes.

Pickle it with cooking wine and salt for at least 15 minutes. Mix it evenly to taste better.

Preparation of the sauce: Pour some vinegar into one container. Next add sugar, tomato sauce, pungent sauce and little salt one by one. Maintain the order religiously. Mix it well. The sweet and sour taste appears from it.

Spread egg cream or half egg onto the pickled meat to make it soft. Pour some starch powder water onto it to make a thin white layer covering it. Let wait for some time till the starch powder dries. 

Cut pineapple, winter bamboo shoot, and green pepper into pieces similar to that of the meat.

How To Cook Sweet And Sour Pork Meat
How To Cook Sweet And Sour Pork Meat

Frying The Meat :

It is a vital phase. Pour the right quantity of oil into a pan and heat it in a big flame until the oil reaches a temperature of 70-degree centigrade. Now fry the pork with coated starch powder. Be careful while putting it in the pot so that the oil does not spill. Bring down the fire from large to medium. When it floats at the top of the oil, remove it and again fry it similarly until the color changes to a golden brown. Now add winter bamboo shoots and green pepper into it and then remove them from the pot.

Pour the oil of a small quantity into it and add garlic. Stir it until the scent comes out. After that, add pineapple pieces to it. Also, pour the sauce you prepared earlier. Mix them all evenly.

Finally, add the fried cubes of meat and stir for a few seconds.

The delicious dish is ready to be served.

Other Ways Of Preparation

Pork meat can be prepared in many different ways, like stewed, fried, roasted, broiled, baked are some to mention. You can combine it with fruits and vegetables too.

Its cuts vary greatly. It can be very lean or the reverse, very fatty. Tenderloin is one of the popular types. Since it is lean, it is usually marinated for several hours or overnight in the refrigerator before cooking.

Shoulder, on the other hand, is a fatty cut, used for the roast. It is first browned, kept in a pot, and cooked for long hours. It becomes more tender and moist after being fully cooked.

Tenderloin cooks fast being a lean cut and an easy solution for dinner. The shoulder takes more time to get prepared for serving. Slow cooking makes it more delicious.

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