How To Make A Homemade Meat Tenderizer?

If you are planning on cooking meat for your family. You need to make the necessary arrangements. In order to make a great dish. The cuts of the meat are, however, very important. Meanwhile, any cheap cuts will make your prepared meat tough to eat. This condition also can be fixed by you. You can soften your meat by simply using a meat tenderizer. With a little tenderizing you can make your dish delicious. It will taste great for your taste buds as well.

You can save a little money while bargaining. You can use a meat tenderizer in doing so. And the materials are quite in your budget as well. With certain techniques with the meat tenderizer. You can make your dish delicious. You must be wondering how this meat tenderizer works. Let us discuss the working mechanism of a meat tenderizer.

How To Make A Homemade Meat Tenderizer?
How To Make A Homemade Meat Tenderizer?

Meat Tenderizer: How To Make It Work?

You need to add a tablespoon of white vinegar to the dish. To whatever dish you are cooking which has meat. You need to just add one or two tablespoons of vinegar. This will make the meat tender and juicy as well.

However, you can even make cuts on the meat. With the help of a fork and then soak in vinegar. For an hour or so, before you tend to cook it. Now depending on the method and item, you cook. Choose the correct cooking dishes to prepare your dish. Non-stick is, however, advisable as it won’t react to the vinegar.

Other Things You Can Use To Tenderize Meat

If in case, while preparing the items for cooking. You realize that you do not have white vinegar in stock. You need to try something else in the absence of white vinegar. So that there are no compromises made to make your meat tender. And in turn, making your dish delicious to taste. You can, however, use wine, citrus juice like lemon, orange or lime.

Various Agents Of Meat Tenderizer

Even tomato sauce, coffee, soda, beer, pineapple juice, tea, yogurt or buttermilk are agents of meat tenderizer. There are other food items as well that can be used by you like a vinegar substitute. Like apple, balsamic, red or white wine. That you can use as a substitute to vinegar.

Meanwhile, the acids present as content in these food items will help you to tenderizer the meat. Hence, choose a perfect substitute for white vinegar, depending on the availability and the dish you are cooking.

Ways Or Tricks To Tenderize Meat

How To Make A Homemade Meat Tenderizer?
How To Make A Homemade Meat Tenderizer?

Thus, these were some of the ways or tricks. That can help you to tenderize the meat you purchased from the market. And then apply the technique while you are in your kitchen. Either preparing or cooking the dish for your family or friends.

Once you are able to use these tricks in your cooking process. There is no looking back as to how delicious your dish will taste. Along with the meat being used by you for the dish. It will taste so juicy and soft to consume as well. Thus, you will activate your family or friends’ taste buds to some next level.

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