How To Choose The Best Meat For Pot Roast

Are you looking for the best meat for the pot roast? In this article, I will be looking at a few of the most common types of meat that people choose to cook with when cooking a whole chicken.

Roasts are very popular and we have all seen them on our dinner plates, and indeed they are very tasty. This is because we all love to eat chicken, so it should not come as a surprise that roast chicken is a very popular dish to make. However, there are some different types of roast that people use, depending on what the person that is cooking wants.

How To Choose The Best Meat For Pot Roast
How To Choose The Best Meat For Pot Roast

Chicken Breasts

Chicken breasts are one of the most common ways to cook chicken, or you can use the skin if you prefer. You should, however, be careful to use skinless chicken, as well as frozen or thawed chicken, as the skin can ruin the taste.

For those who want to use chicken as the main ingredient in their pot roast, chicken drumsticks are very easy to find. They tend to be expensive but, if you do buy boneless chicken thighs, these tend to be the best tasting chicken to use. But if you would like to spend a little more then buy boneless drumsticks.

Boneless drumsticks should be bought when the thigh meat is still firm and not too dry. These will usually be found in a packet of six drumsticks, which are generally cheaper than buying twelve or twenty drumsticks individually.

The Type Of Cut Will Determine The Type Of Meat

If you would like to cook your meat using a certain cut of meat, then the type of cut you cook with will decide the types of meats you can use. The choice is vast and is dependent on your own personal tastes.

Whole chicken breasts are easy to cook, but they tend to be drier than boneless chicken breasts, and are easily chewy. This is because the skin is still on the chicken, and this is important to know before buying chicken breasts to cook with.

Because of this, chicken breasts tend to be softer and they have less flavour than boneless chicken breasts. It is recommended that you cook the chicken breasts lightly on the outside with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and cook them to your desired temperature.

If you would like to cook your chicken breasts with butter, then you should check the label and ensure that the butter contains no hydrogenated oils, because these are very harmful to health. Other forms of butter can be used instead.

Roast Meat

Roasts tend to be even more succulent and moist, and also taste much better since the meat does not have any additional fat on it. The key is to cook them on the lower settings and add the extra virgin olive oil as needed, until they are browned, and they retain a nice golden colour.

How To Choose The Best Meat For Pot Roast
How To Choose The Best Meat For Pot Roast

Chicken thighs are another good option, as you can remove the skin and also add more flavour by seasoning them. Also, you can add a splash of wine to get the flavours to combine.

Now you can look at the various meats on offer and have a good place to start your search. It is a fun way to cook, and you should not be too concerned with the type of meat that you choose.

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