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Ham Makers: Restaurant-Style Ham Recipe

In our previous posts, we’ve given you a bit of an inside look about the truth versus false debate that meat isn’t good for you. The prehistoric times showed us that meat was a food source for survival and that it is important in any man’s or woman’s diet. Today, this truth stands. The way meat is cooked, and what it’s seasoned with is what makes sets the bar straight. Check out our ham makers and follow our recipe for an exquisite dish made of ham!

Ham Makers: More Meat Facts On Healthy Meat

Ham Makers: Meat Myths And The Truth About Ham

Before delving more into the benefits of the right kind of meat, we’ll let you journey through where this false information about eating meat came from in the first place. They came from ill-researched dieting tips. You got that right. There are a plethora of dieting tips out there than have excluded meat in weight loss goals because meat adds to muscle mass.

Of course, it does! That’s its primary function. Muscle mass and strengthening. What this faux dieting suggestion failed to be transparent about is what weight loss means. Losing weight doesn’t always mean slimming down. These are two very different words with two intertwinings, yet differing meanings.

On the other hand, when it comes to ham, there are two sides of its coin. The first is the unhealthy side. Since Ham is primarily made of pork, then it’s sure to contain fats and in others, unhealthy carbohydrates. The other side of it is that you CAN choose ones that have less salt content. After all, ham still is a good source of protein. Simply have it in moderation.

Ham Makers: More Meat Facts On Healthy Meat

Second, this myth came from those who have a wrong understanding of vegetarianism. You want to follow a vegetarian diet that has little to no meat in it because you don’t want those extra pounds hanging around you on the weighing scale. However, you will HAVE to replace it with another source of protein and other important minerals found in animal flesh.

Ugh. When we word it that way, it sounds like a script from a horror movie. But then there’ s no other way to phrase it than that. Sources such as nuts. Furthermore, beans. These are awesome alternatives so that your body will still get the muscle strengthening, iron building, digestion supporting nutrients you need every day.

Ham Makers: Easy Ham Recipe

Just because something looks like it was bought in the local grocery doesn’t mean you can’t change how to present it on the dining table. We’re telling you that ham CAN be served in an exquisite way!

Much like other easy-to-make dishes, it’s all about the flavoring and the presentation. You can do away with simply frying ham and serving on a platter with eggs. Although there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, we often follow that unspoken rule, too!

However, if you’re feeling a bit more experimentative and creative, why not try this. You can have that holiday-style ham dish any time of the year!

For your Pasta and Ham, all you’ll need is ham (of course), pasta (another “of course”), lemon, string beans (you can replace with any type of beans as preferred), salt, pepper, and unsalted butter. No need to make a paste or sauce for this.

First, cook the pasta according to the instructions set at the back of the pack. While waiting, slice your ham in thin strips and cut them into and inch or 2 in terms of length. Then, melt the unsalted butter and set in a separate bowl. Next, boil the beans in unsalted butter.

Check that the beans are already a bit tender before adding the rest of the ingredients, including the ham strips. By the way, if you’re looking for something on the sweet side, feel free to add some brown sugar in. If not, leave the recipe as it is.

Once the pasta is ready, set it nicely on a plate. After, pour the butter-ham-beans mixture on top. And just like, you’ve got a ham dish that’s restaurant-worthy! Plus, it’s healthy, too!

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