Grilling Fish In Foil On Your Barbecue Grill -

Grilling Fish In Foil On Your Barbecue Grill

grilling fish in foil on bbq

If you are a regular griller, then you know how convenient it is to grill fish in foil. It’s easy, quick and you get a grill that looks like it costs a lot of money. It’s easy to find the foil and all you have to do is buy some. The only problem is that not everybody uses oil for grilling fish. So here are some reasons why you should use it to grill fish instead of just buying it and using it to cook vegetables.

One: Foil makes cooking easier. Fish that has been marinated in foil beforehand is very easy to cook. You can actually put a steak on top of the fish and let it sit in the foil for 45 minutes before turning it over and grilling it. When you turn the fish over, it will be done properly. In fact, it will taste better than if you cooked it on the grill.

Two: Foil makes your fish crispy. Because the foil traps the moisture, it makes the fish stick to it and this results in crunchier belly and fishier sides. Most seasoned chefs prefer this type of grill over the other because the result is better. Some people even claim to taste a difference in the frying pan as well. This is because the oil seals in the moisture and the fish sticks to it.

Grilling With Other Methods

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Three: Foil is lighter than most marinades. When you grill fish with other methods, such as butter or salt, the fat content can get too heavy. This makes the fish heavy and sticky while the flavor and texture are often lost. With foil, you don’t have to worry about that at all. The lightness also makes it easier to drain off the excess oil from the fish.

Four: It’s healthier. Most health-conscious cookers know that cooking on coal or gas is unhealthy because the fumes come out of the grill as smoke. With foil, you can reduce this significantly because there’s no smoke produced and the heat doesn’t build up in the foil.

Five: When grilling fish on a foil setup, you can cook both sides at once. You can cook one side and then turn the other side the way up. You’ll end up with two kinds of fish: One with white and pink undertones and the other with gray. It’s amazing how even the grilling of fish on foil improves the flavors!

Know Lots Of Reasons

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There are lots of other reasons why you should use foil on your BBQ grilling, but these five are the biggest. Since you have less fat on your fish and the flavors stand out, it makes for a great alternative to using butter. Just be sure to let the oil cool before you flip the fish.

Fish on a foil BBQ grill is like cooking a dozen other foods on one big BBQ grate. You can cook just about anything on a foil setup – chicken, steak, vegetables, pork, ribs, fruit – so prepare for a new twist on some of your favorite cuisines. The only limit is your imagination. And you’ll definitely appreciate how easy it is to grill fish on a foil BBQ grill.

Why not use a combo of both? Place chicken or beef on top of your grill while marinating the other side in vegetable oil and lemon juice for an herb-flavored twist on grilled fish. Serve fresh vegetables on the side, along with some lemon wedges. That’s one of the easiest ways to incorporate vegetables into your grilling. And you’ll get a more colorful and flavorful result.

Cooking Fish Directly

Of course, when you’re grilling fish on a foil BBQ grill, there’s nothing better than flipping the fish and seeing them disappear into their own juices as they melt on the hot grill. But flipping doesn’t have to be the only way to cook fish. In fact, you can actually turn the fish on its end and cook it directly on the hot coals. Just be sure that you don’t have any paper on the grill when you do this, since the foil will burn easily.

Another great thing about foil on BBQ grills is that you can put the tail on while you are grilling, too. You can make a fish salad by placing lettuce leaves on the foil. When you flip the lettuce, the greens will go up into the foil and stay there.

Wrapping Up

When you flip the fish, they come out of the foil and become the new center of the salad. Or you could just use the tail for other types of fish, such as tuna or salmon. There’s plenty of choices that way.

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