Game Meat: Great Protein With Unique Flavors -

Game Meat: Great Protein With Unique Flavors

Have You Ever Tried Game Meat

Game meat is becoming popular day by day for their heavenly taste. Along with that, they are healthy as the fat content is lower compared to traditional chicken or beef. Bison is now a very common type.

Have You Ever Tried Game Meat
Have You Ever Tried Game Meat

Why Is The Game Meat Getting Popular Among Health-Conscious People?

Bison, antelope, and alligator have been tried for long. It is not a new concept anymore. People were not interested because they were not aware of it. But the scenario is changing very fast because of health advantages. They now know that it is more healthy compared to the traditional pork or goat meat, and the flavor is just hard to resist.

Chicken has been an excellent choice for the health-conscious public. Surprisingly, the fat content in the same quantity of bison is at par or even lower. It is why people are leaning towards exotic meat nowadays.

Though the name includes “wild,” it is not like that. Most of them are raised in the farms and fed with a decent diet to keep the tenderness intact.

Many restaurants are including them in their menus regularly on public demand. Once you have tried the delicious dish, I bet you will want to taste it again.

Have You Ever Tried Game Meat
Have You Ever Tried Game Meat

Apart From The Common Ones, Here Is A Few New Inclusion


It tastes almost like chicken. You can make it the same way you do the chicken dishes. Since it is a bit chewy, it is good to marinate 3 to 4 hours before cooking. You can also prepare it as a starter. Cut it into small pieces, dip it in the batter of flour or any other coating and fry it lightly. Finally, serve it hot with sauce. The plate will be empty in seconds.


It also tastes similar to chicken. Usually, you will find it in filet portions. You can grill it, brushing some oil or barbeque marinade. Remember, you must not overcook it like chicken.


It is a very lean red meat. You cannot differentiate it from any other lean kind. Generally, it is served as filet medallions. Kangaroo burger is trendy among Australians.

Other than these ostrich, elk, yak, Himalayan beef, wild boar are also gradually making their positions in the market.

Easy Cooking Principles:

You can easily try it out at home and surprise your family members.

If you are trying it for the first time, I will recommend the burgers because of its taste. You will love it. Moreover, you will be astonished to know that it is leaner than conventional hamburgers or turkey burgers. You will consume remarkably less fat in each bite. Cook it just as the chicken. Don’t overcook because everyone might not like that.

Searing is better for medallions and tenderloins. It means applying intense heat to make the outside brown.

You can enjoy it to the fullest if you follow some basic cooking principles. Thus, buy game meat and make delicious dishes and surprise everyone.

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