Cured Meat And Its Different Types Available -

Cured Meat And Its Different Types Available

Types Of Cured Meat

Cured meat is one of the oldest forms of food preservation that follows multiple techniques. There is a wide variety of cured meats available today. These are sourced from various animals such as chicken and goat. In some places cows and pigs and also lamb meat is used. Now, let us get introduced to some of the most popular cured meats available in our local market.

Cured Meat: Different Types Of It
Cured Meat: Different Types Of It


As an Italian meat, prosciutto tastes brilliant in multiple forms. The hind leg of a pig or the ham is the source of prosciutto. This cured meat from ham is safe to eat without cooking as it is both air-dried and salt-cured. It is slightly chewy in texture and hence you need to slice thin pieces out of it. You can choose to eat prosciutto prepared with a charcuterie board or salad. There are some appetizer recipes available online with this cured meat.


Salami is another famous cured meat. It is Italian. The method of processing this meat is a little complex. Collection of ground beef or pork or a combination of both is the first step. Next, it is mixed with animal fat and some seasonings. Finally, the meat is stuffed tightly inside a casing. Salami is given shapes in round or square lean slices. Most types of salami are dried or fermented to make them juicier. Salami is eaten widely as an integral part of the breakfast platter. It also forms a great combination with burgers and sandwiches for a brunch.

Cured Meat: Different Types Of It
Cured Meat: Different Types Of It


As a topping of the pizza, pepperoni is famous worldwide for its spicy and tangy taste. In around the nineties, the Italian-Americans discovered this cured meat. A mixture of ground pork and beef results into this spicy meat. From the spicy flavor of pepperoni, it is evident that the processing has followed infusion of some exotic spices. In fact, the balance of meat, spices, and herbs make this meat one of the best among others. Some prefer to eat pepperoni uncooked, whereas some like it roasted.


This cured meat has two variations – Mexican and Spanish. The first one is spicier than the second one. If you have started liking cured meat, must try both. Pork is the main source of Spanish chorizo. It has two variations when it comes to taste. Sweet and spicy are the two variations of Spanish chorizo. To highlight the main ingredient, paprika, you can make some exquisite dishes are prepared with the spicy Spanish chorizo.


Bacon is the cured meat taken from the back or side-belly of pigs, lamb, and turkey. Pork bacon is the most popular among the three. Firstly, the incomparable taste of bacon is a combination of salty, savory, and smoky. Secondly, one can enjoy the magical texture and flavor of bacon by preparing it in various ways. Thirdly, surveys show that bacon is perhaps the most favorite of people among the lot. Among the most popular preparations, you can try the smoked bacon with pineapple and bacon Bolognese.

Above are some of the most popular cured meats. Please follow our website, in order to know more about the meat market and its processing and preparations.

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