Corned Beef: Tender And Flavorful Beef Muscle

Corned Beef

Description: Midwest Fully Cured Corned Beef. Made from a combination of prime beef muscle cuts like brisket, ribeye, shank, and round. It’s tender and flavorful, so you will want to make a batch to have on hand for special occasions.


Choose quality beef. This beef is marinated for three days in maple-pepper flavored Brine and cured for another four days in a smokehouse. The result is a perfect blend of the highest quality meat and the freshest spices. It’s lean, well-marinated, and very flavorful.

Make Beef At Special Occasions
Corned Beef: Tender And Flavorful Beef Muscle


This is a simple and easy way to add a bit of spice to your meal. All you need to do is form your corned beef into a flat sandwich. You can use this same technique on chicken as well, with the same results. Place the meat into a zipper bag with a few tablespoons of tomato sauce and place into the freezer. When ready to serve, defrost in the refrigerator and serve cold.

Taste And Texture

Meal? Not so much. There are other options to consider if you don’t like the taste or texture of this beef. Grilled, steamed, baked, or even broiled are all great ways to prepare it. There are no real strict rules on how to make this beef, but these are some of the most common methods.


Steak is a popular way to prepare this beef, especially in Chicago. Steaks can be formed into any shape you desire, which is a great option if you want to keep it simple. If you’re looking for something more flavorful, you can try serving this beef with different vegetables and a variety of cheeses. It is versatile.


This is the most common method used by people in Chicago. Grill up a steak, coat it in some olive oil, a variety of herbs and spices, and then grill it on the coals for a couple of hours to seal in the flavor. Serve it with a variety of different vegetables, such as fresh broccoli, celery, and asparagus.

Baked: Corned Beef

This is the most expensive option. Bake up a piece of bread corned beef and serve it up hot. Or purchase a bready corned pork roast at the supermarket and bake up a couple of pieces.

Try Grilling

If you’re not a fan of steaming and broiling, you can try grilling this meat instead. Heat some oil on a grill, add a variety of different seasonings and grill until the exterior is pink. Remove and slice it and serve with grilled vegetables, tomatoes, and some of your favorite barbecue sauce.

Broil: Corned Beef

When grilling, make sure that you cover the steak completely with water. This will help retain the flavor of the beef and prevent the outside from overcooking or burning. The best way to do this is to still hot out, but not yet room temperature.

Purchase Quality Meat
Corned Beef: Tender And Flavorful Beef Muscle

Least Expensive

This is probably the least expensive option for making this beef.
Take some marinated beef and put it in the oven or on the grill until it is fully cooked, then remove it and serve it up. Most people use a basting sauce for this method. Be careful, though, as using anything too strong might dry out your meat. This method also takes a lot longer than any of the other options.

Unique Flavor: Corned Beef

The favorite way to enjoy this beef is steaming. This is a great way to keep this beef as it’s tender and delicious without having to worry about it being too cold or too hot. You can add as many seasonings and flavors to the steaming liquid as you want to create your unique flavor. This way, you can enjoy this beef all the time and not be concerned about it being too cold for dinner.

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