Best Beef: Tips For Selecting Quality Beef -

Best Beef: Tips For Selecting Quality Beef

Best Beef : What Should You Know

Beef is an attractive dish for many food lovers. It is a kind of addiction to some meat lovers. If you find a person with a stout figure and ask the secret of his diet, there is a high possibility that the answer will be beef. It is red as it contains a protein called myoglobin. From the blood, it carries oxygen to the muscles. If the concentration of myoglobin increases, the color will be darker.

Best Beef : What Should You Know
Best Beef: What Should You Know

Nutritional Benefits Of The Best Beef

  • It is a source of iron, an essential mineral of the human body. Iron deficiency is very commonly seen in teenage girls and women during the early years of motherhood.  The iron present here is absorbed faster by humans than the iron present in vegetables.
  • It is also rich in vitamin B12. B12 plays a significant role in the functioning of nerve cells and the formation of red blood cells. B12 is found only in animal products, not in plants. It also helps in building DNA, the fundamental genetic cell of a body. Since it is only available in non-veg foods, vegetarians often lack this.
  • It also contains Zinc, which helps in maintaining a robust immune system.
  • As it is enriched with protein, it actively takes part in building muscles and bones.
  • It also contains a powerful antioxidant, alpha-lipoic acid, which protects cells from damage and neutralizes free radicals.
  • Compared to the same quantity of chicken, you will get three times the iron, five times the Zinc and seven times the B12.

Is The Saturated Fat In It Harmful To Your Body?

Let’s be very clear that the saturated fat from any source does not increase the possibilities of heart attack and stroke. Instead, the industrially produced trans-fat is the culprit in actual. It is majorly found in vegetable oils and margarine.

Also, the researchers’ survey concluded that there was no difference in the risk of heart diseases in low or high consumption of saturated fat.

Best Beef : What Should You Know
Best Beef: What Should You Know

A Little Information About Saturated Fat That You Should Know

Stearic acid does not have any impact on heart-related issues. The liver converts it to oleic acid, a monosaturated fat which does not cause any danger.

Palmitic acid and Lauric acid raise the level of “good” cholesterol mostly.

What Is The Best Beef For You?

The quality of the meat depends on the way the animal is raised. Health problems linked to eating beef is mainly from commercially grown animals.

Grass and leaves are the main food of cattle, but the American industry changed this natural method for the sake of profit. They are fed corn and soybean for industrial purposes. This cheaper process increases the weight of the cattle very quickly, which is not suitable for our body.

To make the most use of it, go for organic variation, which is 100% grass-fed and free from any fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.


You can include this in your diet without being hesitant. It will provide you some great health benefits.

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