BBQ Grills: Tips On BBQ Cooking


Ready for that backyard barbeque party? Or gathering? Lunch? You name it. Barbeques have always been an event that brings people together. There’s just something about that smoky aroma. Those charred but not burned meats. Those burgers, salads, steaks and more. We’re drooling already. And we’re sure you are too. However, barbeque-ing isn’t as easy as most people make it appear. In order to avoid that too-much-smoke effect, check out our favorite bbq grills. Also, take a look at some tips that can make your bbq efforts, well, effortless!

BBR Grills: How It All Started And Why They’re Healthy

Why don’t we start from the very beginning? The Homo Erectus. That’s right. Cavemen. Our ancient ancestors learned how to cook using… drum roll, please… FIRE! Imaginary dramatic effect intended. And hopefully anticipated. Anyway, it really did start during those prehistoric periods of mankind’s timeline. Of course, there wasn’t exactly a name for it then which we still use now.

However, it has been said that around the 1800s when restaurants began serving food cooked over a fire, and over a grill. Although the period when the word barbecue was first used is still unknown, many believe that it is of Caribbean origins. The Spanish conquistadors borrowed it from the land’s native term “barbacoa.” This was described as the Caribbean natives’ way of cooking food over a fire through the use of an elevated platform made of wood.

Decades passed and “barbacoa” is now known as “barbecue.” BBQ simply is the lazy way to spell it. Not that it needed any simplification. If you’ve noticed, they both have 3 syllables.

But not to get to the grammar side of it, dieticians revealed that barbecue cooking might actually be healthier than frying. Why? Because of the amount of oil used in the latter. Meats have their own oil. The fat they contain which oozes out when heated. Or for quicker grilling, only sprays of oil are needed.

On the other hand, frying needs much more than a few sprays. That said, here are some tips on BBQ-ing you might find useful.

BBQ Grills: Tips About Grilling

First on the list. Say no to the gas grill. Use wooden chips from fruit trees instead. Those, and charcoal. They burn better and add a sweet aroma to the meat. Using a gas grill will still cook the meat, yes. But it won’t give off any added aroma or flavor. If you don’t have wood chips though, then you’ve got no choice! Sarcasm aside, try our suggestion. You’ll immediately notice the difference.

Before lighting them up, don’t forget to dip them in water. Furthermore, set the temperature on a steady level. Cease from checking it and adjusting it time and time again. This will just lengthen your cooking time. And if you feel like the meat is drying up, either use your marinade or spritz some oil.

Moreover, if you want those slices of pork and sausages to be skewered, then you need to make sure that those skewers have been soaked in none other than water at least 30 minutes before the grilling begins. This is so that these wooden sticks won’t burn when cooking. Neat, huh?

Now, for an easy clean-up, aluminum foil on the base will do the trick. That is, if you don’t already own one of our top BBQ grills which allow for quick cleaning.