Are You Aware Of The Horse Meat Scandal


The America Scenario

Horse meat was banned in America for quite a while. The Americans enjoy beef very much. Cow meat has a large market there. But the horse is a symbol of freedom there. It is their mode of transportation.

On the other hand, they consider it as a trusted friend. In 2006, an inspection of horses for slaughter was stopped. As a consequence, the United States has put a ban on it. But now it is back.

Are You Aware Of The Horse Meat Scandal
Are You Aware Of The Horse Meat Scandal

We treat them as a pet, like a dog or a cat. But we never consider it as food. It is an expensive pet. You need a lot of money to be kept. In the working condition, it helps you in making money. But what about them when they grow old? Or the owner will not be able to take care? They usually abandon them.

Slaughtering horses and selling horse meat were completely no in two states, California and Illinois. Eating it was always a problematic practice. During World War 2, it became a necessity since the price of the beef went high. And it was said that the Zoo authority fed the lions’ horse meat.

Some More Details

If you can keep aside the taboo, it can also have some benefits. Since the Americans think that eating cats and dogs is an uncivilized act, they can bear the waste of meat of these euthanized animals. On the contrary, they consider the euthanized horse waste of meat. As the price of beef is increasing, it can be a cheaper substitute. The zoos can also think about it. Though it is in use in the zoo, the proportion is too less as that of beef. It is high time to rethink and come to a viable decision.

You can use a horse for glue and pharmaceutical reason, which is a cruel act. So, euthanized ones could be thought of eating. But they should never be raised for food like cows.

The UK Scenario

Consumers have become much conscious of what they are eating. Because there was a rumor that beef suppliers and sellers are not doing their job honestly. The buyers became skeptical about the label and the actual content inside the food packet. Though there was news that the culprits need to go to the court and get punishment, the consumers could not rely on them further.

The only positive effect was the buyers were purchasing from local butchers, and they were willing to pay little more to know the source and content of the product. This incident opened up the market for gourmet foods that were suppressed for long. It created opportunities for small local sellers.

Are You Aware Of The Horse Meat Scandal
Are You Aware Of The Horse Meat Scandal


For many years, people were in the dark about what they had consumed actually. Now they are ready to pay even some extra to get the quality product. And they rely more on the local butchers rather than the big food companies.

It may lead us to the old practice, get what you pay for. And they have cut out their budget in other domains to get quality food.