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A Buyers Guide To Meat Grilling Thermometers

meat grilling thermometer

When you cook food over low heat, it can take an hour or more to reach a safe internal temperature. When it comes to grilling, if you wait too long, your food will be dry, tough and not tasty at all! With the right thermometer, you can avoid under-cooking your grilled foods.

The first thing you need to look for when shopping for a meat grilling thermometer is an infrared receiver. Infrared ovens are ideal for cooking meats because they do not retain a lot of the moisture. This allows your grill to cook quicker and more thoroughly. An infrared receiver can be found in a few different styles, including a handheld infrared thermometer, a wall mountable infrared oven and a deck mounted infrared oven.



If you don’t want to use an infrared oven, you can always go the traditional route with a traditional cooking thermometer called a thermometer probe thermometer. These are inexpensive and can be found in several different styles. Some of the more expensive models are the wireless digital thermometer, stainless steel probe thermometers and the multi-thermally regulated infrared thermometers. There are several advantages to using one of these styles of cooking thermometer versus a traditional one.

A traditional BBQ thermometer is a little pickier when it comes to temperature settings. If you are looking for rare, it might take a lot more effort than if you are looking for medium rare. The best way to go about cooking with a bbq thermometer is to know what your actual temperature should be so that you can maintain your desired temperature. The advantage to using a wireless digital thermometer is that it is very portable. When you are done cooking, you can simply move the portable unit to where you were cooking and start cooking again.

A Traditional BBQ Thermometer


A traditional BBQ thermometer is also known for having some kind of leak or other issues that make it a less than perfect cooking thermometer. A wireless digital thermometer has none of these problems. If you use a stainless steel probe thermometer, it can also be difficult to see the actual temperature and some people will just be sure not to leave it on too long.

Infrared thermometers are known for being more accurate when it comes to reading the internal temperature of meat. This is why infrared cooking is a popular choice for meat grilling. One of the big advantages of the infrared option is that it allows you to cook meats at a slower temperature so that they do not get cooked to uneven temperatures. An infrared thermometer also allows you to cook different parts of the meat at the same time which is great if you want to make different cuts of meat at the same time.

An Infrared Thermometer

If you are going to purchase the meat grilling thermometer, you may also want to consider purchasing an infrared thermometer as well. Many people find that using these two types of thermometers together greatly increases their ability to accurately gauge the temperatures of their meat. This can help you create the perfect BBQ recipes for your friends and family.

When looking for a grilling thermometer, there are many options out there. You can get a corded or wireless thermometer. You can also purchase them in many different sizes and styles. If you are trying to decide between a corded and wireless thermometer, you will need to look at how much space the thermometers will require. 


If you are planning on storing the unit, you may also want to choose one that has a strap for easy carrying. These types of grilling meat thermometers are perfect for people who enjoy taking their thermometers with them camping or hiking since they can quickly be brought up to a temperature reading and taken back down again.

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